V-Ray Masterclass - Unleashing the Power of V-Ray with Erasmus Brosdau

In this DVD, Erasmus Brosdau shows us how to create amazing renders using the extremely popular V-Ray rendering engine. Erasmus uses his many years of professional experience using V-Ray to give extremely practical and efficient ways to start rendering portfolio quality renders today. He starts off giving a brief overview of the user interface and then gets into V-Ray Lights. Next, Erasmus goes deep into V-Ray Materials including the popular PowerShader and even covers specific shaders like CarPaint, Hair, and Skin. He then goes through the important topic of Rendering and how to efficiently get to a high quality render. Finally, Erasmus goes through post processing techniques using Photoshop and the last chapter even gives very valuable tips on how to prepare and present your images for your portfolio.

With over 6 1/2 hours of content, this DVD is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to create stunning renders using V-Ray.

About the Instructor:
Erasmus Brosdau is currently working as a Cinematic Artist and Generalist at Crytek, Germany and recently finished working on Crysis 3.

DVD Chapters:
00 - 03min - Introduction
01 - 11min - User Interface Overview
02 - 39min - V-Ray Lights
03 - 75min - V-Ray PowerShader
04 - 31min - Car-Paint and Hair Shaders
05 - 66min - SubSurface Scattering Shader
06 - 40min - Global Illumination
07 - 58min - Image Sampling - Speed vs Quality
08 - 19min - Using OpenEXR
09 - 26min - Post Processing
10 - 34min - Portfolio Tips

Total Time: 6 1/2 Hours
Apps Used: V-Ray, Autodesk 3ds Max, Photoshop
Duration: 6 1/2 Hours
Instructor: Erasmus Brosdau
DL Filesize: 525 MB
Project Files: Included are the 3ds Max files as shown in parts of the DVD.

User Comments


May 28, 2014 - 8:26pm

I would recommend this training to anyone who want to get a solid understanding of V-Ray. Every parameters are well explained, and I particularly enjoyed the in depth presentations of fastSSS2 material and the sampling optimization process. My only regret is about the hair material presentation that felt a bit short.


May 21, 2014 - 4:33am

wow. This tutorial was brilliant! Erasmus covers every area of vray in a clear easy to understand way. As someone who has used vray extensively in the past I have fallen into a rut, just doing what I have always done without questioning why or researching other methods, after all it gets the job done.

Then along came this tutorial with its comprehensive break down of vrays methods and how they work together. It's gives you a solid foundation on which to build upon yourself once you finish the DVD. I feel more confident to try new things now that I understand vrays methods that bit better

if you own vray you should own this tutorial as well, it's going to save you time in the long run!

Now I'm off to tweak some old renders, my plan is to render it in half the time and with twice the quality Sticking out tongue