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Eat3d Public Sketchbook! 187 Oct 16 2013 - 5:09am

About Me:
My name is Fred Mashburn and I am 34 years old and live in Toccoa GA with my wife and son. I am currently working as a Game Reviewer/Editor at B-TEN.com. Due to being disabled in the result of a vehicle accident when I was younger, I started to slowly get pieces of myself back and I suppose video games are one of those constants in life. That thing that you love to do, something you feel you would be exceptional at such as computer science and game development in particular. When I am playing or working on a project for a game I feel at peace and I am able to enjoy things I thought I had lost inside myself forever. My family is very important to me and they support me in my chosen field because they know it is something that makes me happy and boosts confidence I also thought I would not get that piece of me back. I survived however and that is what makes us stronger.

About Shadowolf Software:
Experienced in animation and story design, my online video game development company brings you the latest in virtual entertainment. With ten years of gaming experience and a passion for technology, Shadowolf Software brings you a synthesis of quality storytelling, engaging graphics, and multiplayer participation. It is my goal to develop unique PC Games and superb Digital Art Design & Animation, while encouraging creative and inspiring imagination. Both as a developer and as gamer as well. My goal is to listen to our customers, tweaking and improving our products based on the customers feedback. The Shadowolf online community rewards your investment and Participation.


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