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I am Martin, 30 years of age and am afraid to say that after  6+years learning 3D ( and al the disciplines revolving this fine art) am still learning new things , which is fun ( and quite maddening sometimes, you learn a trick and sjazaam there is a new and better trick or technique Eye-wink )

My main disciplines are Maya photoshop and Zbrush, but I do have ( albeit rudimentary) knowledge of :
Renderman, Nuke, Fusion and several game engines ( played with Unity, Unreal and just have taken a look at Cryengine ).

When I have to choose as to what I want to be, then I would have to say a 3D character artist, I have made hard surface models, but in my opinion there is nothing quite satisfying as creating a character and seeing it come to life ..pixel by pixel ( or nowadays voxels and pixols and what not Sticking out tongue ).


What I hope to be a part of someday is quite straight forward , although hard to realize and that is mainly:

-create or take part in creating a triple A videogame title ( somewhat like Mass effect, Thief) which will strike a wide audience , young and old and leave them awestruck once they finish the game ( A bit like how Pixar movies appeal to a wide audience, they are cartoons with funny and of course, very good animation so that they appeal to children, but they are written so well that even old people are moved by them and forget that it is a cartoon, this is the greatest compliment any artist in any medium could possibly get)

-The other thing is of course making a CG animated feature with great story, one of my all time favorites for instance is robin hood from Disney ( with the fox and the bear as Robin  Hood and little John) and I can still watch this movie as if it was the first time, something not many movies nowadays at least can.


Other inspirations are in short :
- Goodfellas ( movie)
- shawshank redemption( movie)
- green mile( movie)
- Indiana Jones (only the first 3, the last one was rubbish)
- Starwars ( again only the first 3 originals, especially  Empire strikes back)
- Lord of the rings ( liked the books more than the movie, but found the movie great as well)
- Harry Potter ( book, liked the  movies 1 through 3  as well, but then they took it "hollywood"and raped the story at crucial points, although I did liked the last one again( part 7.2), I only wished that Richard Harris would still be alive to have played the part of Dumbledore, he really got the character, Michael Gambon-or the director - made Dumbledore a hysterical, stressed version instead of the Machiavellian version richard and the book depicted  )
- Jurassic park( when I first saw this movie I was blown away, I was still a kid back then, but I was really in a fase where I had a thing for dinosaurs-still fascinated btw- and when I saw them "alive" it left a big impression)
-Interview with the vampire ( awesome the way they told the story without letting VFX take the overhand like movies nowadays most certainly do)
There are countless more movies/books and stories I find inspirational, but I don't want to bore anyone longer then is necessary

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions at all, please drop me a line.


Yours most sincerely,



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M.DANISH RAFIQ (not verified)

January 25, 2013 - 11:01am

dear sir
this working 3d working vary nice