UDK Modular Masterclass - Efficiently Creating and Entire Scene with Tor Frick

In this demonstration Tor Frick guides you through building a scene from the ground up in Unreal Development Kit (UDK). He starts by blocking out the basic scene in UDK using BSP and then moves on to creating a base asset in Modo by using various poly-modelling and sculpting techniques, from which all the textures will be generated, and then bakes the Normal & Ambient Occlusion maps within Modo.

From there he creates the diffuse textures for the base asset in Photoshop and imports all the textures into UDK and starts to build the master shader which is the base shader used heavily throughout the DVD and incorporates vertex paining for blending between various separate textures in an efficient manner. Then he starts to create replacement assets for the BSP blockout meshes that were made earlier and unwraps then in a very special way as to use the previous base asset for maximum texel density and memory efficiency and places them individually within the scene ready for vertex painting which is done as each asset is placed. Once all the assets are created and placed, Tor starts to tweak the shader and beautifully light and dress the scene within UDK, building up to the gorgeous final piece.

This DVD is perfect for those who want to learn how to efficiently create modular environments in UDK.

About the Instructor:
Tor Frick has been working in the game industry for over 6 years and has worked on games such as World in Conflict, Far Cry 3, Bulletstorm, and Gears of War. Tor currently works at Machinegames working on an unannounced project. Tor's "1 Texture Environment" was featured by Epic Games and can be downloaded HERE.

DVD Chapters:
00 - 05min - Introduction
01 - 20min - Blocking Out the Level
02 - 18min - Blockout - Roof and Stairs
03 - 11min - Blockout - Props
04 - 28min - Modo - Refine Blockout
05 - 10min - Replace BSP with Meshes
06 - 09min - Photoshop Texture Space
07 - 32min - Modo Details - Concrete and Metal
08 - 13min - Modo Details - Cables and Bolts
09 - 06min - Modo Details - Wood Sculpting
10 - 05min - Modo Baking
11 - 10min - Concrete Texture
12 - 05min - Wood Texture
13 - 15min - Metal Texture
14 - 04min - Create UDK Shaders
15 - 16min - UDK Shader - Vertex Painting
16 - 09min - Blend Texture
17 - 08min - UDK Shader - Paint Mask
18 - 09min - UDK Shader - Material Separation
19 - 15min - UDK Shader - Dirt Mask
20 - 04min - UDK Shader - 2nd Paint Color
21 - 03min - UDK Shader - Material Instance
22 - 11min - Low Poly Roof
23 - 16min - Low Poly Windows
24 - 06min - Low Poly Top Walls
25 - 07min - Low Poly Bottom Walls
26 - 12min - Low Poly Office Windows
27 - 11min - Low Poly Office Door
28 - 06min - Low Poly Wall Door
29 - 08min - Low Poly Ceiling
30 - 11min - Low Poly Stairs
31 - 14min - Low Poly Locker
32 - 07min - Low Poly Shelving
33 - 17min - Low Poly Lift
34 - 09min - Low Poly Roof Sides
35 - 10min - Low Poly Damaged Roof
36 - 11min - Low Poly Tank
37 - 07min - Low Poly Floorboards
38 - 19min - Low Poly Generator
39 - 19min - Low Poly Light Fusebox
40 - 14min - Low Poly Garage Door
41 - 12min - UDK Shader - Tweaks
42 - 36min - UDK - Lighting Details
43 - 17min - UDK - Final Lighting
Apps Used: Photoshop, Modo, Unreal Development Kit (UDK July 2012). You can download it free HERE
Duration: 9 Hours
Instructor: Tor Frick
DL Filesize: 1.5 GB
Project Files: Included is the final Unreal maps and packages.

User Comments

Anonymous (not verified)

June 21, 2013 - 2:54pm

Will the asset creation portion of this DVD be helpful for a 3dsmax user?


April 9, 2013 - 5:25pm

Tor Frick i was exploring your portfolio website and i was thinking: souch a beauty staff. Today entered a eat3d website and i was suprised seeing your name under the udk tutorial. Have bought 1! - sry for eng

Best Regards for You and Eat3d Team

Anonymous (not verified)

April 5, 2013 - 3:22am

Eat3D staff please do not put the explanatory text from 2:55 onwards so low as the video navigation blocks it. Meaning if I tried to rewind or pause the video to read the text at the bottom, the navigation bar would block the text for a few second.

Great tutorial otherwise Smiling

Tragan (not verified)

April 4, 2013 - 1:15pm

Awesome, this DVD will be on my wishlist. I am already inspired by Tor Frick's work, now a DVD 9 hour long break down of his workflow is absolutely amazing! Can't wait till I have the funds to buy this, honestly been waiting for something like this from Tor Frick for a while now.