Fast Cloth Alpha Creation in ZBrush

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In this demonstration, Andy Davies goes over the creation of cloth alphas in ZBrush 4 R5.

He shows the techniques needed to efficiently create multiple cloth alphas using a range of 2.5d tools within ZBrush, which can then be used as a solid base for sculpting or to compliment existing geometry.

Anonymous (not verified)

May 21, 2013 - 2:39pm

Very nice technique here

Jesse Skellington (not verified)

May 21, 2013 - 8:00pm

Great stuff, very inspiring! Thanks for sharing Smiling


May 21, 2013 - 11:50pm

Cool stuff man Smiling Thanks for the tut!



May 25, 2013 - 1:18am

Nice technique! Eye opening stuff.

Lou Mareno (not verified)

July 14, 2013 - 1:14pm

Another well made and very easy to follow along tutorial.
Thank you Sir
all the best to you

liyuan (not verified)

July 19, 2013 - 11:00pm

Nice technique! Eye opening stuff.

Anonymous (not verified)

July 23, 2013 - 9:56am