Industrial Old Pillar WIP

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First of all, a little background on myself;

I recently stumbled on this site after digging around looking for advice on how to get a start towards becoming an environment/prop artist in the games industry. I'm currently working as an engineer in an unrelated field, but keep finding myself coming back to art as something I'd rather be doing. Difficult as it may be, I'm attempting to build up a portfolio while continuing my current job. I'm also looking for comments and critique where needed.

The pillar was my first ever attempt at modeling something a little more complex than a standard crate or barrel, but I found the tutorial a breeze to follow. The textures are still a WIP but I'm mostly happy with the diffuse so far.

Any advice on what could use some touching up would be appreciated, since I find the hardest part about this whole process is calling it quits and labeling something done.

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Hey Hendrix06,

Well its a nice start Smiling

The first things i would change is the colour of the pipe and the moment they are really red and should be toned down a little.
For the rebarb something like #695857 would be ok after you overlay/multiply the AO map over it and for the pipe i would go towards a mid/light grey and then add rust textures over it as needed.
The electrical box needs a little more grunge/rust too and the sticker is almost immaculate when compared to the pillar.

Hope that helps Smiling

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Thanks for the advice, had the day off today so touched up the diffuse a bit more.

Added some grunge and wore down the sticker on the electrical box for starters. Also played with the pipe and rebarb a bit.

The color choice of red for the pipe was on purpose, since my approach to the scene was making everything the way it is for a reason. The pipe is meant to look as if it could have been a fire water pipe, or something similar, hence the 75 psi on the valve for city water Laughing out loud. Also, if the pipe was painted red, there wouldn't be overwhelming amounts of rust speckled on it, since that would defeat the point of it being painted with rust proof paint. I see pipes every day at work and they're a lot cleaner than most people imagine.

Here's what I have so far for the electrical:

Think I'm about ready to start on something else, last shot for the time being.

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Hey Hendrix06,

The electrical box looks much better now Smiling

I never thought of the pipe being for water so the colour is great but i still think that it could do with some weathering as im sure some of the paint would be coming off and showing rust with that amount of damage to the surrounding area...that is unless the paint is titanium based Eye-wink

Keep up the good work.

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Here's a rusted out old gas pump WIP I tried my hand at using the same workflow learned from the dvd. Big thumbs up for the tutorial, as I'm pleased with the results so far. Thumbs Up

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the gas pump is awesome!

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Hendrix06!! Love the gas pump!! Nice weathering!! Really feeling that.

I myself am an engineer in a completely unrelated field but art, games and game design have always been my passion, so like you I always feel myself coming back to it.

The Pillar looks great! I believe it could use some weathering on the pipe though. It may not be completely realistic but it would create a good balance between style and substance. The way the pipe snakes around the pillar is also a nice touch.

Keep up the excellent work, man! Good luck!

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Posts: 40 "rebarb" an English version of "rebar" or something? :S

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hahah, thats a mistake that I made in the video. I have heard it called rebarb many times but I think the correct way to say it is rebar.

The funny thing is, I used to be a carpenter helper that built concrete forms and also had to mess with rebar, you would think I would know how to spell it right Sticking out tongue