Export diffuse map in Maya?

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Hello all,

I feel slightly stupid asking this question, but on this DVD, Riki exports an export, occlusion, and normal map from his model in 3dsmax to use in Photoshop. Funny thing is, I know how to successfully generate the occlusion map in Maya, but I don't know how to do the diffuse map. I've tried using "transfer maps", but it didn't save the colors to the map. Exporting the normal map results in an ugly result as well. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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some pointers:You can export normal map using Zbrush3.1 or Xnormal. For Ambient
Occlusion map, you can use Maya's Batch bake(Mental Ray) funciton to create a AO map. For diffuse map, just export UV layout, paint it in Photoshop.

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yes and thanks to umayan 2008 for his valuable reply