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I want to know if this tutorial covers creating maps without the aid of geometry for bumpy surfaces? I understand this is confusing, let me explain:

If I have a smooth surface, say like a bell, and I want to emboss some details in it. It seems unnecessary to use something like MB or Max to model the detail first (like we did in Old Pillar tutorial to get actual geometric deformations to the base mesh). Do we learn how to create normal, specular, AO, or whatever is necessary to get that embossed effect using maps and texturing alone?

And what if I had a photo or something that I wanted to create the procedural maps from. Does this cover that process? (this thought process can also apply to what I asked above).

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Yeah there is some of that on the DVD. For example the sign texture uses alot of manual tricks because the sign mesh is really just a box. Also I always like to enhance even what the mesh textures spit out with some older school techniques.


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Excellent, I am very much looking forward to working with this now that I've made it mostly through the Old Pillar Tutorial.