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So folks, I have been going to school for about 3 years to do 3d work. during that time period, obviously next gen has come full force and causing things to change in the 3d industry.

There is a teacher at our school who stresses how hard it is to get into the industry now and how you have to know 3DS Max, Maya, Mud Box, Z Brush, photoshop and the engine to even be considered in the 3d world. I am feeling a little down about this and being told this over and over again, I seem to have lost my interest and passion in 3d that I once had.

so I wanted to ask, what keeps you going as a artist? why do you do 3d? what keeps you going?

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I am obsessed with 3D. I always have been since the very first day I started 5 years ago. Over that time period I have seen this industry change quite a bit. It has gotten harder i think to land a job and the only reason being is there are a lot more people into it now.

As far as having to know Max and Maya. I highly disagree with that. But it would be good to know and engine and a sculpting program.

If you truly love 3D, then you won't mind at all learning the extra apps. but if your starting to feel as this is a burden, then I suggest to get out now, because 3D is a constant learning experience.

Five years ago I was working on an assembly line living paycheck to paycheck. Now Im doing something that I cant stop thinking about. Ill never do anything else but 3D

I hope this helps and good luck


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I am truly in love with 3D and i doubt that there is a day that goes by where i don't look at a wall or piece of dirt and think that it would make a great texture or think about how many polys i would use to model it.

You have to enjoy what you do and it must be in your must really love 3D because there are some days where you will not want to touch the texture or model that you have been working on for the past 3days and its the love that brings you back to try harder next time.

If you are looking for inspiration go and browse some of the many 3D forums and marvel in the art that is held within them...look for things that interest you on a personal level and have a go yourself at making some stuff as soon as the spark hits you.

I have gone for 12-15 hrs before now working on a idea that sparked inspiration and really enjoy the whole experience, (though not the sleep deprivation that accompanies it Sticking out tongue) because every time you go for broke you become better. We are very lucky that in our field things are always moving at a really fast pace and we must constantly run to keep up.
Dont let it put you off...its all part of the fun.

As for your teachers remarks, i think they are somewhat misplaced.
You dont have to know Max or Maya to get a job because employers look for talent.
If you have access to the programs use them and learn them to the best of your ability but i would think that being able to use a certain application is a bonus, not a deal breaker.
If someone sees a great model that was made in Wings3d or Blender, its still a great model regardless of what was used to make it.

Anyway many artists in idsoftware used Lightwave to make doom3 (unless the documentation on the wiki was written purely for fun Sticking out tongue)

Hope that helps Smiling

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GREAT! now I have to learn Lightwave too?!?!?!

lo, I kid, but you hold a good point Metalliandy. I guess it is just hearing over and over how hard it has become and how no one will make it in the game industry, it just gets draining. hell, I've thought about just giving up on 3D at times, but I do feel that i enjoy it when I sit down and do my own stuff. I guess I will just have to sit down a bit more and try to pick up these darn techniques.

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I think the best bits of advice anyone could give you is to work hard, keep trying to get better, don't jump into the deep-end and get in over your head by making a MMORPG as you you first project and don't give up!