Damaged concrete .What type of stencil?

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I have tried to replicate damaged concrete with help of Mudbox but i really cant find a good stencil.
Also how do i make cracks like in this picture,Thoose tiny small cracks??If i take a small brush it just look bad.
Someone who made this kind of task before with MB?

I cant get the sharp eges thats needed like in the picture below,Any suggestions how he made thoose?

I think this is a 3d picture!


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is that real?? that looks really freakin good.

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Hi Thewiruz, can I ask where do you find the image? Thanks.

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Hi guys!

Im pretty sure its a 3D image,Not sure if its realtime though.I had that image on my harddrive and seached on google for it again and the only place i found it on was on Imageshack,Dont remember which forum i have seen it in sry!

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Hey guys,

I use Zbrush, but the fundamentals are the same.

If you go to somewhere like www.cgtextures.com and find a nice cracked concrete picture, you can make alphas but desaturating them and clamping the levels so the contrast is really high.

I will post some examples asap Smiling

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Here you go mate...this is just something i knocked up quickly for you to use if you want to Smiling

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Wow thanks alot Andy!!

I have tried to make a nice looking concrete barrier but my eyes for details sux.Looks like its melted down instead of the sharp edges i need.

Also what do i do when i get distorted polygons?I always tend to get areas in the mesh which has less polygons or (Distorted) .I just loved the old mudbox where i could freeze the mesh in different areas to get more details in the other areas

Thanks for showing me that picture Andy!

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You could try using the flatten brush on the melted areas, which should help restore the crispness of the edges.

In Zbrush i would use create a morph target of the base mesh and then use the morph brush to paint back the area i didnt like and then refine them until i was happy with what i had.
Im not sure what the process is when using Mudbox though :S

Try increasing the hardness and playing with the falloff of the brush until you get a nice result.

Going around the edges with the pinch brush would probably help in this situation too (just be careful and use it sparingly as it can have negative/destructive effects on geometry if used too liberally and it can be hard to resculpt over areas that have been pinched previously)

Also masking is a very powerful weapon if used effectively Laughing out loud

If you paint a mask over the area you want to keep hard and then invert it, you will be good to go with a pinch/smooth/flatten triple whammy combo.

As for the distorted polygons you could use the smooth brush to average out the polygons over the surface and then resculpt the details.

Its best to try and keep the quads as uniform as possible before importing your mesh into MB for sculpting, even if this means subdividing it in Max before the fact.
Try adding more loops or arranging the loops you have in a more organised way (so that they are more square), but for hard corners there isnt that much you can do really in regards to stretched polys (apart from the above)
The removal of freeze function is bad but apparently MB2009 has been optimised to such a level where dividing the whole mesh to the detail you need shouldn't be too much of a problem...if you have enough ram that is Sticking out tongue

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Thanks Andy!

Well regarding MB2009 .The problem is when importing the mesh back to Max i can push MB beyond 40 million polys 35 without any lag but 3ds max wont like such mesh,Therefor the older MB was better when considering export/import between MB and Max

I'm not sure if 6 more gigs of ram would push Max a bit higher?With around 8 million ,Max will use the scratch disc and i want to avoid that if i can