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Whether you're an up and coming 3D artist or an industry veteran this video is for you. The techniques covered apply to a wide range of assets you might find yourself called on to create as a next-gen artist. The author, a proven game industry talent, showcases field-acquired skills that take the viewer from simple box geometry to the Unreal engine in an entertaining few hours. I can't wait to see more!

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I have read so much about this tutorial that I have just decided to buy it , I haven't yet had the opportunity to start it but I was a bit disappointed that there is no zbrush sector for the development of the pillar and just mudbox , so I have to try to convert what I see into zb , plus there are UDK files that I can't open couse for some weird reason to me UDK doesn't work and I use cryengine , so I will try to figure out what it will happen trying to convert what I see in this sector to Cryengine specifics ....

Anyway I am not complaining at all and was my fault to not read there was no zbrush b4 but reading the other dvds reviews I tought it was included , anyway , I stil have to check the tut and I will try to start a project soon about it ...