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This is the best training DVD I own. I own many from Gnomon and Digital Tutors, and this blows them out of the water. The instructor moves at a very fast pace, so you can absorb a lot very quickly. He is clearly a professional and he dominates Photoshop. You will too after this DVD. Thumbs Up

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I have to say that although I haven't watched the tutorials yet, I've started playing with the Photoshop brushes that come with the "Next-Gen Texturing" training DVD. And I have to admit that these brushes are by far the best brushes for texturing I've EVER seen.

I usually don't get excited about brushes alone, but just by simply painting with these brushes to see their particular "effect" I've become very excited about using them for texturing. The designs of these brushes takes the guess work out of what to use for creating textures. Honestly, the collection of brushes that comes with this DVD is worth the price alone. No kidding.

I'm completely new to Eat3D and their community, and with the purchase of the "Live Action & CG" and "Next-Gen Texturing" training DVD's I have to say that I'm very happy for stumbling across this group.

Great work, Eat3D. Thumbs Up:thumbsup:

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Biggest gripe though - where the hell is the COLOR?
The world is not grey and brown. The artist was complaining about things (such as the grass) being too saturated when they really weren't. In comparison to the entire grey scene? Yeah, they had a lot of color. But the overall scene in the tutorial is washed out beyond all reason. It's a little dissapointing.

But the techniques used in the video were absolutely wonderful. They've certainly sped up my workflow. I'm just concerned about this new style of game art these days where everything is bland. That's not realistic at all.

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I answered a similar gripe on the forum.

"Looking like every other next gen game out there can be a good thing when learning how to create a portfolio to get a job at all those companies. It may not be your style but it sure can make you valuable and get a nice paying job making tight art."


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I don't doubt the logic in it at all. That's entirely sound and makes perfect sense. I'm just talking from a purely artistic standpoint. It annoys me that art directors out there at big studios are blind to what they're doing to the artwork. It's completely bland Sad

Using a lot of color changes some of the conditions and techniques used in these tutorials, so it's just a different way of making things. Hopefully this dull and dreary style will end in the near future.

Thanks for all the great work, Riki!

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No problem. While working at SOE on DC Universe Online the Art Director was always pushing to add more colors and stuff like that. Its a different approach but the techniques can be very similar.

Thanks for the support!


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Oh my god. I was so hyped about this dvd prior to ordering it, and the content of it far exceeds my hype. The combination of techniques, and the strategic use of different elements within photoshop to increase workflow has really changed my workflow. Keep up the great work!

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So me and a business partner picked up this dvd along with the Piller one.

I have a lot of Graphic design back ground so at first i was going to just skip the basics of photoshop part. But i decided to watch it and thankful i took the time to do so. everyone has there own ways of doing things and i learned a few helpful tricks just from the start so i knew i was going to learn a lot to build upon what i already knew.

the next week i was given a building assignment deadline for something that was supposed to be a major part of the level but was only given 4 days to get it all done. Using the tricks i learned from the DvD it made the texture phase go much faster and smoothly.

Great dvd I recomend it to anyone, beginner to advanced artists.

-Steven R.

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I'm a Maya user, but this dvd has gotten some pretty good reviews. Does most of this translate to Maya, mental ray and maybe Unity?


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mpaquin, it's a texturing DVD. You can even use wings3d! Sticking out tongue

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