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First of all I think this video is way too cheap Sticking out tongue I think for this much content you should expect to pay a lot more, especially if you compare it to other similar products out there (though I’m not complaining in the slightest).
Although I have been an enthusiastic 3d modeller in a purely armature way for a good few years, I found loads of tips and tricks that have really change the way I work and especially in my planning of projects. The video has taken away some of my main frustrations in my work methods and taught me a much more productive and liner way to get the results I’m after. It is also entertaining and done in way that is easy for people new to 3ds max to understand yet not so over simplified that it would bore a more capable artist. Personally I judge tutorials on how easy it is to understand and the amount of wows each section gives me, I found at least 2 and sometimes more wows per tutorial, in others I went “wow” when something was revealed that I thought was an excellent tip or method that I had not known before.
Eric really brings across his in-depth knowledge of the subject and his obvious love of the software.
One of the most frustrating things I find about tutorials is that the teacher assumes too much about your skill level, and therefore flashes through parts with clicks and short cut keys without explaining what has just been done. This unfortunately makes a lot of the video useless, because you simply cannot follow on after a certain point. Eric however has the knack of explaining everything he is doing simply, without it seeming repetitive.
I thoroughly enjoyed it and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to use 3d max or is already using it.
My only criticism (and this is not a criticism of the actual tutorial), is that I would like more submenus in the menu. Because there are so many things in each section of the tutorial, it’s a little difficult to find the exact part of it that you want to re watch.

I will give this tutorial 3.5 wows per sections ( the highest I have given a single video to date).

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Thanks Fivetide!
I'm really happy to hear that you liked it. I wanted to keep it inexpensive (not cheap Eye-wink ) since I truly believe that core knowledge and lessons should be easily accessible. In a time where a lot of people are struggling, we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to reinvest in themselves by learning new skills without breaking the bank. Smiling

I was really excited to hear that you found new tips and tricks in the DVD as well. I always felt there was this stigma assigned to 101 that gives the instructor license to glance over a topic and not cover it deeply. Personally I think 101 means that it gives you the foundation to build off of. Max is such a complex and diverse package that it is hard to know what someone wants to do when first learning it. Are they into games, movies, medical visualization, architecture...sometimes they don't even know. So, I was constantly struggling with how complex and involved to make the DVD and reflected back on when I was learning Max eons ago. What frustrated me and what still does. Smiling

So, as I was going through it using the tools I kept saying to myself..."some may dig this little trick"...or..."this isn't really 101, but it might fit someones way of approaching the problem so let's throw it in there." Again, thanks for checking out and letting others know your experience with. Thumbs Up

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Thank you for your reply

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I just had to leave a review, I have seen countless tutorials but this one I have to give it 5 stars. All the most important facts about max are explained in every little detail with nothing left out. Unlike other tutorials where they almost always say "we won't be covering this here but maybe in another dvd we might" and usually that other dvd never comes out. I have used max since version 6 but I have learned more in the last few hours then I have ever on my own. It's like being in a classroom and you are shown every little step of the way.

For the first time I can say money well spent and worth every dollar!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Finally someone has finally learned how to make a tutorial!!!!

I am your customer for life.
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Thanks! I really appreciate it and extremely happy to hear that you found it useful. Especially from someone who has likely seen so many tutorials (judging by your site). Thanks again! Smiling

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I haven't made it all the way through the DVD, but I can just say this, a lot of things regarding Boolean were cleared up for me. A light bulb just went off in my head, I like it when that happens. Thanks so much for this great resource.

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Happy to hear it helped! Booleans used to be one of those dirty little
secrets in Max that many didn't admit to using. They've suffered a bad
reputation for many years because of this and the information out there
reflected this. Since they added ProBooleans to Max they definitely
deserve another look and I'm really happy to hear you're taking the
time to understand them. Thanks for buying the DVD! Smiling

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Eric,the package is a must have in anyone's library;especially pure armature 3ds Max user willing to learn.I have been using Max for a while and a lot of stuff I have learned by boldly trying out(experimenting)were covered and gave me the extra push....thanks Eric for that extra push. Now,in my opinion,you should put together another "game assets"...purely game assets.

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Hi I wuld like to know if this dvd is also usefull for non beginners , I mean I am working with 3dsmax from several years now all selftought but the program is so vaste that I never can say "I know it" is this a valid DVD for my level?

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The DVD has over 21 hrs of training material so there is bound to be something that everyone can learn but its hard to say if anyone personally will learn anything because we are unsure of individual knowledge/skill levels.

CGeine did a comprehensive review which may be worth a look at

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I was curious after reviewing and watching this awesome tutorial to refresh my memory in 3d modeling. What's next? Is there a guideline of what tutorial dvds is best to buy after reviewing this. I want to learn more in 3d. I have the programs of 3ds max, zbrush, and photoshop. Which brings me to another question inside of a question. What is a good online video tutorial for photoshop?

Thank you