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original review found here:

Here is a small section from the review:
There is a lot of content in these DVDs and it's a comprehensive collection, however you should not expect to be a 3ds Max professional by the end, nor do I think the DVD is intended to make you one. 3ds Max is a big application and it's simply not possible to gain proficiency in 20 hours.

Yet what it does is give you a whistle-stop tour of as many features as possible within the 20 hours. You will have an awareness of the majority of the core front-end features in 3ds Max and their uses, which is a vital backgrounding to have - many artists starting out will often end up learning inefficient workflows because they have focused on one particular area and there are often lots of 'grey areas' they avoid.

The DVDs do a great job at touring you through the use of most tools. As a beginner as once you get 'over the hump' of initial competence in a toolset, it allows you to start using them creatively and this is where you really embed your understanding and develop your own patterns of work.
There's few other tutorial collections that offer you quite as broad a learning as this, if you are new to 3ds Max then there's little reason for you not to pick up this collection - I'd especially recommend it if you are starting a CG course specializing in 3ds Max. For that sort of use, this collection will give you a real edge in your grounding in understanding.


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Where can i get the rigs used in the tutorial ?