UDK Underground Level

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Hey all!

It's been a while since I last posted and I wanted to update you all on my level i'm currently working on. I'm working from a peice of concept art but adding my own meshes to make it unique. At the moment I'm finding it hard to move forward as I can't think of any other ways to fill out the sscene as it looks too clean and empty. If anyone has any ideas which could be used then i'm all ears, plus any feedback would be great!

I still haven't finished the brick texture and it is currently there as a place holder Smiling

here is my level so far Smiling

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Great start!


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Hey all,

Been tweaking lights and materials this week, also removed some of those pipe fittings.


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Thought it'd be best to revamp some of the modular pieces I have already and spice up the scene with better models as this will eventually be a portfolio piece.

I've remodeled the the pillars and gave them a bit more character and detail.

2048x2048 maps , 408tris Smiling

I still need to do spec maps for the pillar then i'll move onto the other models.

I have also warmed the lighing and made the mist a cooler color for a nice contrast in the scene.

There is still a lot to do in this scene but any feedback would be great! Smiling

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Wooow! really nice dude! 

I know you still have a lot to do, and may be have it already in mind, but I would put more dirt on those pipes and damage the wall that has the red door as you have done on the pillars. Smiling

Keep it going! Can't wait to see more!

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Yet another update fopr you guys Smiling

Been focusing on lighting and bringing my models up to a better standard (my opinion).

Be nice to get some feedback on this as it was a struggle to get the lighting correct. Should i change the color of the pipes?

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Hey guys!

Sorry it's been a while but I have a prop update for you all to analyze and crit Smiling

And here is the turntable link Smiling http://vimeo.com/40377046

More updates soon....