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Working on creating some shipping pallets for a side project I'm working on. I'm kind of stuck as to how to make the plastic around the boxes.

For the plastic I'm thinking about possibly making a simple spec map with a linear pattern to mimic the texture of the plastic. As always, crits are more than welcome.

This is what I'm trying to go for, as far as the plastic:

Here are my renders thus far

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I would think that you would prob. want to model at least some of the plastic wrap as the Spec and normal maps wouldn't be able to account to the silhouette.

Either using some sort of cloth simulation or sculpting would prob. be good fun Smiling


I would increase your texture resolution and make get some better cardboard texture from somewhere like CGTextures too Smiling


Cant wait to see more!

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thanks for the insight.

cloth simulation sounds fun; i havent messed with it in a while so it should be fun and I will definitely tweak the textures