School Contest Entry: Mech

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My school is having a 3D contest with judges from a variety of companies: ILM, Bungie, Digital Domain, 343, Method, Monolith, WETA, FXVille and possibly a few others. There's two categories: Hard Surface and Organic. 3 winners for each category with 1st place prizes being Marmoset, Substance Painter, 21'' 3D print of your submission. Then the two 1st place winners are then judged for best overall model. That winner will get Zbrush 4R7. 2nd and third place get 9'' 3D prints of their submissions and all winners get 1 day passes to PAX Prime, along with their models being displayed at PAX. High Poly models only for the contest.

I'm incorporating my submission with one of my classes. I have 2 weeks to finish it for the class and 3 more after that to finish it for the contest. While I'm waiting for job openings at the local studios, I'm hoping that this submission will introduce myself into those companies.

My submission is a mech I designed. I've had a lot of help from people to get the silhouette working along with the design. Here's what I have so far.