Jam Kuradoberi - Guilty Gear

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Hey everyone,

I started this Jam Kuradoberi piece a while ago and I've been posting it up everywhere to get help and feedback. Sorry if you have already seen this around other sites

My reference of Jam from the Guilty Gear series

Started with zsphere but at the end it didn't really work so I had to retopo it in topogun eventually.

Even though the body pretty much wouldn't be seen I decided to do it anyway as practice.

For the head at first I was trying to do realistic but then I looked at the concept and tried to match it. But it didn't really work for me either way so I decided to do kind of like a inbetween.

Still some more details need to be added. Also trying to figure out how to do her crazy hair

Thanks everyone for reading. I have a bit more information on my steps at my blog

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Woowww!! Awesome work!!! Smiling

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Incredible! This is looking great! You know, it is hard to find Guilty Gear fans, let alone anyone who has heard about it (At least in the USA) so I am stoked about this Laughing out loud

Edit* - I had to modify your thread. Make sure you use the eat3d attachment system in the future or we are unable to promote or spotlight your work on our gallery page. It also insures that if your photo(Link account) ever was lost or the image was removed, it wouldn't break the link here on eat3d.com. Thanks! 


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Nice work so far!

Just suggest to modify her legs,as the thigh and  calf should have different size.

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@ Angelia - I see what your saying, whoever I think when stretched in such a dramatic way (Like doing the splits) then the thigh muscles can "appear" smaller. I could be wrong, am no anatomy expert. That would just be my thought Smiling


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steve_3d: ahh thanks Buddy

ceribral: Thanks dude, I'll try and remember for next time. I can't wait for Guilty Gear Xrd to come out it looks amazing!

angelia: Thank you! I will definitely look into it, I'm no anatomy expert myself as well so I will double check my references

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Great job there Smiling