A (hopefully) photorealistic thread

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I like realism and I'm trying lately to get better at it. Here is a small repository for my first 2 weeks of my new workflow working towards higher degrees of believability in my 3D work.

I am currently stuck with a very high poly model, terrible terrible Terrible UVs, but an otherwise good texture quality. I'm currently hung up on learning the pipeline to get these choked down the low enough resolutions for game engines, but since I've never done that kind of work (i've been doing low-to-moderate-poly arch-viz for some time) I'm not certain what the best methods and workflows are for that process. I've been experimenting with zbrush, Modo retopo, turtle, and all sorts, but I'm not sure where to go next. Coming to the forums for some advice, guidance..anything, really.

For more examples of what I've been tinkering with, you can see it all here, warts and all. 

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Hey can you email me, I'll make you a quick tutorial for that.


Very nice job by the way that looks amazing. 

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Thanks very much again, Emanuel.

I've sent out an email. Take all the time you like. I'm very grateful for your guidance.