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Hi there, I have been working through the eat3d Modular Masterclass DVD. I have followed the lighting setup and for some reason when I add more lights and build the lighting everything turns bright red. As I am very unfamiliar with lighting in UDK I have no idea how to prevent this from happening. Any ideas? So far I have one DominantDirectional Light, 4 spotlights outside the windows pointing in. When I add some weaker spotlights to the inside windows is when I get the red lighting. Even a simple point light creates the same problem.

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Never seen that before O.o
I honestly would have to know more about the scene before troubleshooting. It could be a wide range of things. (Not just lighting)


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Hey guys, thank you for your response. I think I have figured it out but it would be nice to get your input on it too Smiling

In the world properties I set the number of Indirect light bounces down to 1. I'm guessing the extra light bounces were reflecting the red paint material around the room. However what if I wanted 3 indirect light bounces like I would normally?

Here are my light settings so far...