Projectiles going backwards

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G'Day All,

I hope I'm posting in the correct place here but I have a problem that's got me scratching my head. I'm following along with the awesome top down shooter tutorial Rusty Sempsrott has done as I'm having to come up with a game level for work (I'm a Game Development Tutor for a College) and it is based on a top down shooter so Rusty's tutorial was perfect for this as I usually create FPS games. I have everything hooked up however when I fire my projectile it fires backwards!!!! I have checked it's velocity and it's in the positive direction. I changed it to negative just in case but it didn't make a difference. Yes I have set up my own vehicle class extended off the Manta but even when I use on of Epic's vehicles it too fires backwards and I can't see anything in the actual code that would be causing this to over ride. Has anyone come across this as it has me beat?




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Never husband looked outside the square and it's now fixed! Had the boxes where the projectiles were firing from and too around the wrong way!

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