Advanced Visual FX Masterclass - Part 2: Questions and Feedback

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Welcome to the 
** Advanced Visual FX Masterclass - Part 2 Questions and Feedback Thread **

About the DVD:
For an in-depth look at the content and how to purchase it via streaming, download, or physical shipment, you may refer to:

This DVD is the second part of a 2 Part Series. The course is jam packed with techniques and ideas to help boost visual FX. It's pace is fairly fast in order to cover the amount of ground we do in such a short time, however, if you have trouble with something, you can simply rewind the video and watch it again.

This Thread:
Questions, feedback, and techniques in the DVD can be troubleshot, discussed, or further explored in this thread. Feel free to post anything that might be of interest or need to you. Thanks again for supporting Eat3d with your purchase! 


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At the end of many of the tutorials you demo fantatic scenes, but dont include them in the UPK. Could you please supply those demo scenes please.