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Hello everyone:

There have been discussions about all sort of Artwork here with the issues users experienced. I found it interesting no one is talking about custom UDK ready assets. With all the talent around UDK should a professional custom packages at a reasonable price tag. The most important assets should be variety of player start characters to choose from (UDK Ready) though. The rest of the assets should reflect game types: SciFi,Modern,Medieval,Fantasy,Cartoon,vegetation.... etc.

This community should have a team providing the service....... just my humble opinion.

-Malakum- what have we become?

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WOW!...after all these time..not a single comment....I suppose delete the thread will be a good thing.

-Malakum- what have we become?

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This has been thought of a lot actually. But there is a lot more that goes into this than meets the eye. It is possible to create a package like this, but at a relatively high cost with no promises. From a business stand point, its a bit of a gamble, especially with the time that would be put into developing and creating the content.

Its not impossible though, and I am not saying it will or will not ever happen. But there are several requirements that would have to be meet before proceeding with a project like this one.


Please explain what you mean by "there are several requirements that would have to be meet"; like what?.

I agree, there are plenty of skilled 3d artists out there that make assets, I think a small group of like minded people could easily pull off something like this. I'm new to UDK, but I've been using 3ds max for a while and I've had no problem creating content for places like turbosquid. It just takes time. Maybe we could get a list of some assets that users would want most and just make it. Textures, objects, characters, scenes, et cetera.

My $0.02

Assets creation for any Game Engine is basically same standards. No need to make a list of specific items users want;that's called "custom built items" for whoever need specifics...simply create typical props in most games....and go from there.