XNormal Creating Faulty Normal Maps

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Hey guys

Ive been working on a model in ZBrush and finally have exported it to Maya.

However the normal map Ive been creating in XNormal keeps coming out faulty everytime.
Anyone have any ideas regarding my workflow Im using or tips on things to try?

When I apply the normal map it looks like this...

I can see that bits and pieces of the normal maps img are actually on different parts of the model...


Im using XNormal and I put the
high poly into the high def slot
and low poly into low def slot

For the smooth normals section Ive tried both
"Use Exported normals'
"Average Normals"

-When I choose exported or average normal I make sure to do the same selections
on both high and low def

For baking options I leave everything as default.
The only thing Ive changed is the resolution the second time around.

I made it 4096 x 4096

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Try to make a Triangulate + Freeze Transformations before exporting.

Be sure your mesh has only one UV map applied and all the mesh's faces are using one material only.

Export as .OBJ or .SBM.

You can try also to setup a cage in xNormal in a way that covers completely the HP model ( and please be sure you check in the "use cage" option ).

I hope it helps.