Cant ready normal map properly in max (from xnormal)

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Hey guys,

I tried to find the answer on the web but I found nothing. I wanted to test different results by projecting a high res cylinder on a low res version (with 1 smoothing group). When I bake the normal in max and load it in marmoset, it works great (I need to inverse the Y though). When I bake the normal in Xnormal and load it in marmoset, it also works great.

The problem I get is when I render in 3dsmax a normal map I created in xnormal. Even if I invert the Y in max before rendering, I get a weird result. So, my question is: When I create a normal map in xnormal, is it possible that max can't render it properly? I know that xnormal by default has the Y in the opposite direction then max but even when I invert it before rendering in max, it wont work. Any clue?


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When you load the normal map into material editor material in Max, are you assigning the normal map directly to the bump map slot or are you assigning a normal bump material to the bump slot via the Material/Map Browser (then assigning your xNormal normal map to the normal map material loaded into bump map slot? 

I know I was having trouble the other day displaying a normal map in 3ds Max so this is what I did:

1.  Load/Import low poly model in 3ds Max (which was used as low poly in xNormal bake).

2.  Bring up material editor.

3.  Select a new material slot and open Maps rollout.

4.  Click the button labelled 'none' to the right of Bump..............|

5.  Select normal bump from Material/Map Browser window (double click or select Normal Map and hit OK).

6.  In Parameters rollout click button labelled 'none' to the right of Normal: then select Bitmap from the Material/Map Browser window.

7.  Navigate to your xNormal created normal map and load it up.

8.  Normal Bump has options in Parameters rollout for flipping Channel Direction as well as Method of normal mapping.

Use DX Display of Standard Material if your version of Max has that option in Material Editor to view normal mapping real time in viewport.  If not just try a quick test render to make sure it is displaying properly.






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Old 3dsmax versions had a bugged viewport shader. Try with Xoulil's shader or 3point one.