Bake A Final Diffuse from a model with more texture

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Hi all, i just discover this awesome xnormal and i was wondering if i can do this.

i want combine pre texturized object. in a new complex model.
then make a low poly , and bake on him , normals (this work well) and textures (can i do this?)
so i get just one texture , on the new lowpoly uvs , with the bake of the all other texture , and surely , the normals.
The assembled object should be the HD

Any clue?

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 You have to export all your model , separated as texture and material.
So for upload the HD model in xnormal ,
Export all your wooden parts , in one obj , ( upload in xnormal and right click to "add texture" choose the texture "wood")
Export all your iron parts , in one other obj. (again upload in the xnormal and add the texture )
Repeat until all pieces are loaded with texture.

Create the Lowpoly mesh as obj  with uvs.
Create the Cage mesh as obj with uvs . (this must have same vertex and topology of the lowpoly... )
(i have duplicated the lowpoly mesh and moved all vertex on theyr normals, until it contain the whole HD model, maybe this process cause bad baking)
Upload in xnormal the lowpoly and right click , add a cage , and choose your cage.

Now you can go to baking settings.
In my test i baked ambient occlusion ,texture and normals ( go to tools in xnormal to convert the normal map from objspace to tangent )
There are some problems with the quality but it works. (serious problem with normal map that cant display correctly.) .

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Yep, xN can bake any HP's texturing into a new LP mesh. We call that "Bake highpoly base texture" map. See the EU flag included example for instance.

But there's a limitation though : xN does not support MultiSUbObjMaterials ( that is, in xN each mesh == 1 material, per-face mats are not supported ),

We want to improve that for xn4.