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Hey guys,

i have already bought the 3ds max 101 dvd which is great.

Im also thinking of buying the next gen texturing as well, but would like to know

I am not using my 3d models etc for gaming but more for motion graphics and visual effects via after effects.

I noticed that this dvd uses UDK as well, would it still be useful to me if i dont use UDK.

eg; i create a scene in 3ds max texture it like this dvd shows you, then take it into after effects and add smoke, fire, text etc.



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It will be useful because it will teach you about texturing if that is what you want to learn or improve.

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The workflow shown in these videos is decent. It shows a lot of important techniques in photoshop, as well as some nice tricks you may otherwise do differently (the techniques shared have come in handy for me, for different things)

It is worth the money with a lot of content, I streamed them myself with half a month left. It is worth it that they took the time to put them together, and of all the training out there, this one asks a fee, the fee fair as they took the time to show you their way of doing things. Longer than any movie I've ever watched, and more useful, same price Eye-wink