help please, diffuse map

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im totally lost at how you manage to get the diffuse map? (see pic) or any of the render to textures,

whenever i unwrap uvw, all i get is loads of differents shapes and not complete like in the rendered to texture files

what am i doing wrong?

do you need to stitch all the pieces together?

totally lost



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Hmm, as for this DVD its not about unwrapping or any of that but rather just texturing the ready to go version. If you want an in-depth example on unwrapping complex meshes I would highly recommend the Founain part 2. Also in Fountain 2 it will describe how I get the map that you start with in the texturing DVD.

So another words, the goal of the texturing DVD is just how to texture.

Anyway, in the Textuing DVD I just unwrapped it all nice and then baked the diffuse and AO and Normal maps like normal. Then in the Texturing video we start with those maps to get the final result. I hope this helps, feel free to ask more specific questions mate.

- Riki


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You don't have to stitch every piece together, just use point to point seams and create a base seam that is unnoticeable to the gamer or camera and use it for pelt mapping.