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As said, this is an excellent tutorial - exactly what I was looking for.  I already have access to several other streaming learning sites, and they too are good, but this is a bit more 'industry correct', showing the workflow and the amount of details needed.  UDK is more or less new to me, but it seems essential being able to work within it to show off environments and models.  I'll certainly be back later for the UDK Introduction DVD.  I read further down that some find the color scheme used here bland, but that is a matter of taste which can never be argued.  I like the more subtle look.  It's colorful, but in a nuanced way.  It also has a lot to do with atmosphere.  The instructions are good, though at times it can move a little fast, but again, I'll just go back and look over it again; such is the power of play, stop and rewind Smiling

Good job.

Henrik Larsen