having trouble opening files from Maya 2012 to Maya 2010.

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Hi everyone,

I am having trouble opening a file that I have opened in Maya 12 and tried to open it on my home PC which has Maya 2010. I have check the "ignore version" which has worked when my school use Maya '11 but ever since they have Maya '12 the "ignore version doesn't work anymore on my Maya '10. Any solutions?

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Hey julian_julez

first please don't make double post to keep this forum clean.

in Maya '12 is a lot changed since 2010.

i found this for you try to take a look and let me know if this helped you



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There was a trick that allowed you to open files from new to old versions while in my college days. It involved saving the file in ascii and then editing the ascii file to reflect the new version. Not sure if this would work but its something you can google to see if a TD has blogged about it before.

I have not used Maya since college but i do remember that someone had the same issue.