ZBrush 3.5 - A Comprehensive Introduction

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Hello, So a while ago when I was going overseas I bought a bundle so I had something to do on my downtime. I had purchased ZBrush Character Production, Low Res Character Production, and Character Skinning. I've worked in Maya for college but had never touched ZBrush before. So I tried jumping into ZBrush Character Production and completely failed, miserably. I had no idea what anything was in ZBrush, and the DVD mainly expected you to know what you were doing already. I was completely disappointed. So finally after getting back and a little over a year I finally told myself I'm gonna try this again but start with ZBrush 3.5 - A Comprehensive Introduction. First the plan was to not get ahead of myself, and also watch it first, then try it out. Basically I got to chapter 3, watched it, and dug in. I didn't have any reference photos, used the video model as a basis for what detail I should be on for what level, and had at it. Well, I'd just like to thank Eat3d and Michael Pavlovich for the awesome dvd so far as I think (not to be boasting) the intended purpose of the dvd shows. I know I have so much to learn and I'm still not going to move ahead till I make at least another 2-3 more heads so that I'm a little more comfortable making them. This is the first head I've ever modeled/sculpt and first time actually using ZBrush correctly. Also it took me a good amount of hours just to make this one head. Nonetheless though I'm quite excited for the rest of the DVD and wish I had gotten this DVD first way back. Thank you again.

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Ahh, that is great to hear!

I'm glad you are enjoying the DVDs and you certainly seem to be making some nice progress on your sculpting skill!