Unreal Script: An Introduction And Application

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My programing background isn't very extensive. I did procedural languages like Qbasic and Pascal in highschool. In college I took PHP, Java, and Javascript. I've always wanted to get into unreal script (I have a college diploma in 3d Animation), but have always been scared off by its object oriented nature.

This DVD was a good intro for someone like myself and I found it easy to follow. After having gone through this DVD I feel a lot more comfortable trying to create my own classes by extending the other objects. I'm now taking the knowledge I learned here and extending the UDK Game class to setup my own 2D game type.

If you have any kind of object oriented programing background the only thing useful on this DVD would be the info you find out about the different classes referenced.

I found the author Rusty Sempsrott very knowledgeable and easy to understand.

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Thanks for the review! Laughing out loud

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Will you talk about archetype ? if yes i buy this lesson now....

Also next time interest yourself on more dark place like Vehicle and GFx scaleform HUD + Menu.