Unreal Development Kit, An Introduction And Application

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This is a complete course on creating a level, with an exterior and an interior, Hourances explains everything he does plus adds his experience in the explanations.
As your creating the level, it is like having the instructor with you, it is this good, you feel like he is right there giving you the tips & knowledge you need for creating your own levels. About halfway through the course, I decided to start again, the reason was I wanted the two towers to be a little more distant, there was no problem in doing so, very clear video tutorials.
The best videos for me were #11 "LIGHTS" & #12 "POST" (Post Processing), these two videos are to me what makes this level look like it belongs in a Gears Of War environment.

Great course!! 10 out of 10!

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 Thanks Ignacio! Glad you enjoyed it, and we appreciate the review Smiling


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I completely agree about this being a great UDK tutorial.  The pace that Hourances moves at is perfect.  I hope you guys at Eat 3d release some more UDK tuts soon. Hopefully ones that cover intermediate / advanced uses, say assuming you bought this one, it picks up using the basic information gained here; and if hourences does another one, its money for sure, at least from me 

My next paycheck I plan on getting a few other Unreal vids, and  I'm sure they're just as good.  Thanks for your hard work guys.

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Great tutorial so far! I'm just having a little trouble getting the included files to show up in the content browser. The files: DM-Eat3dLevel.udk  and Eat3DIntroToUDK_Content.upk  I placed these files in the proper folders and Eat3DIntroToUDK_Content shows up in the content browser but when I click on it, it says: Nothing to show; check your filter. Any idea as to why they are not appearing?

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Right click and choose "Fully Load".

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help please cant get to open fully and i tryed right click fully load

Can't find file for package 'NR_Floors' while loading C:\UDK\UDK-2013-02\UTGame\Content\Maps\DM-Eat3dLevel.udk
Can't find file for package 'NR_Supports' while loading C:\UDK\UDK-2013-02\UTGame\Content\Maps\DM-Eat3dLevel.udk
Can't find file for package 'NR_Floors' while loading NULL
Can't find file for package 'NR_Supports' while loading NULL

SoundCue A_Movers.elevators.A_Elevator_Metal_Loop02Cue in DM-Eat3dLevel
StaticMesh NEC_Deco.SM.Mesh.S_NEC_Deco_SM_Statue_Angel01_Plinth in DM-Eat3dLevel
StaticMesh NEC_Deco.SM.Mesh.S_NEC_Supports_SM_BabelSpireB in DM-Eat3dLevel
StaticMesh NEC_Lights.SM.Mesh.S_NEC_Lights_SM_Freelight01 in DM-Eat3dLevel
StaticMesh NEC_Pillars.SM.Mesh.S_NEC_Pillars_SM_CASup2 in DM-Eat3dLevel
StaticMesh NEC_Trims.SM.Mesh.S_NEC_Trims_SM_Deco_CURb in DM-Eat3dLevel
StaticMesh NEC_Trims.SM.Mesh.S_NEC_Trims_SM_Deco_STRa in DM-Eat3dLevel
StaticMesh NEC_Trims.SM.Mesh.S_NEC_Trims_SM_Plain_CURd in DM-Eat3dLevel
StaticMesh NEC_Trims.SM.Mesh.S_NEC_Trims_SM_Slope_CURa in DM-Eat3dLevel
StaticMesh NEC_Walls.SM.Mesh.S_NEC_Walls_SM_Armorwall01h in DM-Eat3dLevel
StaticMesh NEC_Walls.SM.Mesh.S_NEC_Walls_SM_CAWall_CURc in DM-Eat3dLevel
StaticMesh NEC_Walls.SM.Mesh.S_NEC_Walls_SM_CAWall_STRcut1 in DM-Eat3dLevel
StaticMesh UN_Foliage.SM.Mesh.S_UN_Foliage_SM_Foliage01 in DM-Eat3dLevel
StaticMesh UN_Rock.SM.Mesh.S_UN_Rock_SM_Cliffshalf01 in DM-Eat3dLevel
StaticMesh UN_Rock.SM.Mesh.S_UN_Rock_SM_Cliffshalf02 in DM-Eat3dLevel
StaticMesh UN_Rock.SM.Mesh.S_UN_Rock_SM_CliffsTop in DM-Eat3dLevel
StaticMesh UN_Rock.SM.Mesh.S_UN_Rock_SM_CliffsWhole2 in DM-Eat3dLevel
Texture2D NEC_Deco.SM.Materials.T_NEC_Deco_SM_Statue_Angel01_Plinth_D in DM-Eat3dLevel
Texture2D NEC_Deco.SM.Materials.T_NEC_Deco_SM_Statue_Angel01_Plinth_N in DM-Eat3dLevel
Texture2D NEC_Lights.SM.Materials.T_NEC_Lights_SM_Freelight01_D in DM-Eat3dLevel
Texture2D NEC_Lights.SM.Materials.T_NEC_Lights_SM_Freelight01_E in DM-Eat3dLevel
Texture2D NEC_Lights.SM.Materials.T_NEC_Lights_SM_Freelight01_EM in DM-Eat3dLevel
Texture2D NEC_Lights.SM.Materials.T_NEC_Lights_SM_Freelight01_N in DM-Eat3dLevel
Texture2D UN_Floors.BSP.Materials.T_UN_Floors_BrickGrass_01_BlendMask in DM-Eat3dLevel
Texture2D UN_Foliage.SM.Materials.T_UN_Foliage_SM_PlantMix01_D in DM-Eat3dLevel
Texture2D UN_Foliage.SM.Materials.T_UN_Foliage_SM_PlantMix01_M in DM-Eat3dLevel
Texture2D UN_Rock.SM.Materials.T_UN_Rock_SM_Cliffs01_N in DM-Eat3dLevel
Texture2D UN_Rock2.BSP.T_UN_Rock2_BSP_Rock05 in DM-Eat3dLevel
Texture2D UN_Terrain.Grass.T_UN_Terrain_Grass_03_D in DM-Eat3dLevel
Texture2D UN_Terrain.Grass.T_UN_Terrain_SandGrass_01 in DM-Eat3dLevel
NR_Floors.BSP.T_NR_Floors_BSP_Tile09_N (Check the log to see all references!)
NR_Floors.BSP.T_NR_Floors_BSP_Tile09_D (Check the log to see all references!)
NR_Supports.SM.Materials.T_NR_Supports_SM_Buttress_N (Check the log to see all references!)
NR_Supports.SM.Materials.T_NR_Supports_SM_Buttress (Check the log to see all references!)
NR_Floors.BSP.M_NR_Floors_BSP_Tile09 (Check the log to see all references!)
NR_Supports.SM.Mesh.S_NR_Supports_SM_Buttress (Check the log to see all references!)

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sorry if posted over n over, either computer or site messed up and wouldnt show my post went through so please mods just post my question with all details bout my problemb loading files and please help me and thank you

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@ jasonmehere:


What are you talking about?;specific instructions were given how to "Unreal Development Kit, An Introduction And Application". You received those warnings for example:

Can't find file for package 'NR_Floors' while loading C:\UDK\UDK-2013-02\UTGame\Content\Maps\DM-Eat3dLevel.udk


because you didn't follow the instructions correctly.Look at these screens and hopefully you get it:






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