Unreal Cascade: An Introduction and Applicationt

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The package is well done for sure;my problem is it's a bit complicated to follow for me;plus there is a section:when you right click on the upper right hand corner view port of UnrealCascade: p_test_01;"under Particle Emitter" view port,you get a drop down under which you find two options of particle choice:

New ParticleModuleTypeDataMeshFluid, and

"       "              "     "    "      NXFluid. 


These were not covered,Bryan made it cleared for the reasons why. I am interested in a follow up DVD  specifically covering "ParticleMuduleTypeDataMeshFluid" (ie,controlling fluid flow from mesh tap/faucet/shower head....) for a player to simply left click "on/off". I am not sure if the same task can be achieve using "KISMET" if so how?.


Overall,the package is full of information and a must have for Present/future reference.At the momenta  it's a bit above my head to grasp all  information at once.

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Great in depth video, cascade is the first video I have purchased from Eat3d

well worth the money, I intend to buy All the Unreal videos if this is anything to go by.


A Very pleased customer