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Recently, I decided to learn how to use an engine (UDK) and to test my capacity to create something nice to play. In my native language (French), it don't exist so many good tutorials. It's a true pain when you're totally new to the matter.

It was my case. With a profile of admin/webdesigner i need to learn everything from scratch, in taking care of how i build my basis of knowlege. And a day i receive a gift from a friend wich is (very) not in ease with the English without subtitles, it was the "UDK intro" one. It literally changed my pain into a pleasure to learn. I'm now launched and i'm writing this little reviews as a "thank for that", even if my own English is not very correct.

Well, i simply like this manner to share the info. Sometimes i'm a little losted by the accent (I am more used to understand the Scottish accent), but it's very ok and comprehensive for my little level of English. It's not a little thing.

All is explained naturally and without austerity, and many tricks are shared as a secondary knowledge (hotkeys, sub menus, different ways to do the same thing, interaction of settings ...). I like too the methodology used, it permit to "pre-think" a level in drawing a draft in taking in count the technical aspect.

I'm very happy of this gift, it was the perfect one for me and a the right moment. I'm a little short atm but i think than i will build a collection at term (on UDK/PC and maybe Zbrush/3DS), nice job Eat3D. The slogan is perfect.

The only problem than i encountered was the different availability of the rsc, on the last UDK we have less static meshes than the tutorial and it push to improvise a little bit. But it don't blocked me so much, and after all it force me to adapt what i've learned to a new case.

I don't known if it's usefull to known but my goal is to learn how to script for UDK, and specially on the AI side and gameplay skeleton/systems/mechanics.

That's all.


Thanks for reading this feedback and i wish you a good continuation.

ps : yep, i'm hating to let a machine to write for me. Sorry fo the grammar.











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Thanks for the kind words! We are happy you liked the tutorial Smiling


You can download older versions of UDK from HERE, so you should be able to find a package with all the assets what you need.

IIRC, you want the December 2009 UDK Beta Smiling

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Thanks a lot for the exact reference, it wil permit to focus on the tutorial only.

I finally discovered past days than to juggle with the UPK files is not a piece of cake. 3th parts or not. The retrocompatibility seem to be "virtual" after many tries, and for the moment i don't have finded the manner to code in hard this missing link (for to don't have to rebuild all packages each new version of UDK). I find this strategy strange from my point of view, maybe i've missed something.

Thanks one more time for the good moments given by the DVD.