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Hey Riki! Smiling


Just a quick message to give you my opinion on something. I do agree that you should level all your maps to get the most out of the exposure of the texture, but I do not agree that you should do that on metal!

Metal is flat, metal is dull, more often than not. And if you level a metal map, you'll make it noisy and more corrugated than it would look in real life, making it look more like concrete than metal.


Metal should be very flat in the dif, and maybe a bit noisy and scratchy in the spec, a good cubemap also helps selling metal well.


my 2cents! Smiling

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It has to be done with care on some textures but its not always about making the texture brighter or stronger in appearance. You can still level a texture and have it remain looking like the material is is supposed to be and you can always add other adjustment layers to reduce things like noise.

One of the reasons for leveling textures is so that they can be lit consistently and predictably and using the full range of the texture (and not forgetting the middle slider) is one of the best ways to do this Smiling


Thanks for the input!