A review of the Unreal Development Kit - An Introduction by Cris of 3d-palace

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Lets be straight here, I am an old school 3ds Max user - you cut me in half and, apart from the gore, the words 3ds Max go through the middle.  In years gone by I was good with GameDev, using several game engines effectively and even at times using UT3's engine to some success, however I had written off using the entire UDK system as something I would need large levels of retraining in, in order to use it effectively.

Well, I watched this set on the streaming system (which is excellent) end to end with the assistance of a belgian bun and several coffees.  I was able to watch it on my second monitor at standard res whilst testing theories in the main monitor area simply enough.  I then watched it again, focusing on parts that caught my interest more than others.  Then I watched a few parts a third time.  This was all in one day.

The next day I opened up UDK and built a complete game level with lighting.

The day after that I imported some static meshes into UDK and built another level.

This christmas Im making a level entitled 3d-palace Decks the Halls for my moderators and admins to shoot each other in over the festive period.

This set will not just make you into someone who understands the UDK system - it will make you into someone who WANTS to use the UDK system.  As a Max user you will understand the concepts easily - if you can use Max and Pflow at an intermediate level you can do this with ease.  I did and I am more narrow minded than a (no idea, something narrow minded.  Tea Party reference?)

You get the point.

This is now my favorite tutorial ever.  Seriously.



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Thanks for the great review Cris! Smiling

I would be interested in partaking in said DM, if you are up for a tutorial of another sort *PEW PEW* Sticking out tongue

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Theres always time for pew pew Eye-wink