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First off let me state that I am that dude that first checks bit torrents to see if the tutorial videos are out there free.  I purchased one video and was blown away at how informative it was, which led me to buy 3 more! 

I am a huge supporter of eat3d.com now!  So if your on the fence about getting the following videos

-zbrush4 intro

-live action and cg3

-Portrait Production

Let me set your apprehensions at ease.  It is well worth the purchase!  A huge thanks to Tony Reynolds for his portrait production dvd, I'm a C4D man trying to get up to speed on maya so that I can get in with a bigger studio and a good portion of this DVD is not about creating meshes in Zbrush but how to make SPECTACULAR renders with mental ray in maya.....which is impossible to find knowledgeable material about!

....and trust me I go to SVA and it's almost impossible to get Boez Livney's time! 

So the reason for this post is to ask Tony a question.  I've been expanding on the material to another mesh I've created in Zbrush.  I'm not using GoZ to import the mesh to Maya but exporting it as a .obj and importing it into maya.  When I apply the displacement map and set the alpha I'm getting some CRAZY renders.  Do you have any recommendations for alpha settings for the displacement map?

I'll post some renders that I see on my personal blog when I get back to the office, and I'll put the url as a sub post. 

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I am just downloading the portrait production dvd from here so I am not sure if there is something said there that will contradict what I am saying, but I believe that in Mental ray you need to set the alpha gain of the filetexture node to 2.2 and the alpha offset to -1.1 for a 32 bit displacement map.

If you use the approximation editor, you need to turn off feature displacement somewhere in the shape node of the geometry I believe( I am using Renderman mostly nowadays, so I am a bit rusty on Mental ray)

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