Old Damaged Pillar review

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Just finished this video and thought I would leave a comment....

I was a little skeptical about paying for this one because I have some high poly modeling training already and I kind of knew what I was doing, although i would still consider myself an amateur...but oh man, so glad i ended up buying it. The dvd is broken down into 3 sections, High poly modeling, Low poly modeling, and Texturing/UDK Set up. The high poly modeling alone was worth the money. I learned tricks and work flow techniques on here ive never seen before and will definitly use. I feel like from just watching this part I can manage quicker and more efficient high poly modeling. Later in the dvd, some excellent techniques are used for UV Mapping, which ive have always considered my weakest talent. After watching this.... i dont think uv mapping will ever be a problem for me again.  Lastly the texturing techniques were also worth checking out as they are really efficient and have given me some great ideas for quicker/better textures.

my only complaint is the video goes a little fast at times, and i often had to pause and rewind to see what exaclty was being done, but hey..thats why you watch videos right?

anyways awesome vid...cant wait to start the next one

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Thanks for the review and kind words Laughing out loud

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if you had to choose between "next-gen texturing techniques and old damaged pillar." which would you choose?

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Get both! Smiling Srsly, it's worth it.

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just great!! , Despite using an old version of Max and Mudbox, is very easy to follow with the current versions, learned many tricks, that helped me expand my skills, ... EAT 3D ...THE BEST!

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I guest folks here are not very friendly.