Live Action & CG 4 - Ultimate Guide to Compositing with NUKEX & Maya

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Hey guys,

Simply = 9.5/10

(but a bit more detail? on)
I just wanted to say this is a fantastic  product, that gets you more than up and running to do your own shots/experiments/shorts.
I'm glad Matt is back to teach another great class, and that he chose to use Vray, as it's far less hassle to use compared to MR.
Initially the class does feature heavily on tracking, I'm a matchmover for my day job but it was still good to see how you can use Nuke's tracking features.
And also finally somebody has tackled using overscan for your plates on a training class, great job ! (we do it a little differently at work but same results)

It doesn't cover every single and absolute detail, it would be 10x longer if it did. Plus (IMHO) there is always the satisfaction of pushing yourself to learn more by yourself Smiling
For instance, I'll be adding bits of FX and further adjusting the shaders.

The included files are very handy, as sometimes it's easy to forget to add/connect something, so you can go and double check what Matt did.
ex, I couldn't remember how to set the vray light linking pass.

To give this 10/10 it would have been good to have some more details on rendering settings with Vray.
But I understand that the class wasn't intended to be a straight up rendering product.

I'm really looking forwards to his next instalment, and hopefully he'll stick with Vray (or Arnold).

Cheers !


And for people testing at home, try the next step up and project your HDR onto a basic environment:
(kind of like what Scott shows here - but this is EXTREME Laughing out loud)

1. Introduction

2. Painting HDR Ptex in Mari

3.Rendering Ptex in V-Ray.

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The training is absolutely amazing. 

Just one question: how should I figure out about the size of the cubes? 

I mean - ok, cube is 1/2 storey of the gazebo, 150 cm, but at the begining there was no mesurement of anything on the screen. Do I need to mesure the distance between track points of the gazebo and then align cube to it, or what? Looks kind'a black box to me.