Live Action and CG 2

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I need to do something very similar of what is shown in the video in the following days, and this video really helped me see what will be needed and what steps and tricks I'll have to use to make the most efficient workflow possible.


I use 3dsmax and not maya, however with the help of a freely available script it can easily be reproduced exactly the same way without finding a workaround. Same is true with Combustion, you could easily substitute it with AFX or any other good compositing package.


Video and sources are high quality and everything is well explained. My only wish would be to get a "Live Action and CG 3 - Complex interaction with 3D objects" in the near future!


Thanks Eat3D and continue the good work!


Andy Martinod,

Principal, creaPiX

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 Thanks Andy, Matt is hard at work on part 3 :)


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Yes, could you tell us when is coming out, please

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 I dont think part 3 is coming out unfortunately. However keep your eye out for similar stuff in the future Laughing out loud