A Kaze Review Presents – Eat3D – UDK Lighting & Post Processing - An Intro & Application

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Topic: Eat3D - Lighting & Post Processing - An Introduction and Application

Instructor: Dave Prout and Jim Magill


The time has finally come for the DVD we’ve all been waiting for. Finally a DVD that explains what beginners, intermediate and even professional users have been scratching their brains for years. Before I go into this review I want to say that this is not a DVD about lighting techniques. This DVD is aimed at understanding how lights work in UDK and how one might apply them in real life. Now that that’s done let’s get started. This DVD goes through every setting that’s available in the UDK lighting system. In the first 2 chapters, Dave Prout takes you through all the post processing settings and all of the lighting settings that can be found in UDK. Mr. Prout also talks about how lights function in Unreal and some of the history behind their development. Some of the professional tips you’ll get from Mr. Prout are how to optimize your lights so that they consume the least amount of memory. Some other tips include shadow quality and lightmaps. In the Final chapter, Jim Magill will talk you through how one might setup his/her lights using the new lightmass feature in UDK. In this chapter, Mr. Magill will discuss the settings involved with lightmass as well as ambient occlusion quality and how to use volumes. Overall, this DVD is jam packed with quality information that all user can learn from no matter the skill level.

Now of course here are some of my criticisms. I think this DVD starts to get a little too advanced for beginners once you get into chapters 2 and 3. Chapters 2-2 and 2-3 are definitely for professional users; even I had trouble understanding some of the material. I also think there could’ve been at least one or two chapters on basic lighting so that beginners can have a sense of what the author is talking about in chapter 3. In the overall scheme of understanding UDK, I think beginners should wait until they have a little bit of experience with using the engine before purchasing this DVD. I would suggest at least watching the UDK introduction before this one. If you’re an intermediate user, you’ll find this DVD a valuable reference for making your scenes look more professional and up to industry standards. If you’re a professional user, you’ll find tips all over this DVD and will be able to incorporate it into your work.


Beginner users: 7.5
Intermediate Users: 8.5
Professional Users: 9
My Final Score: 9


Scoring is between 1-10, 1 being the lowest score, 10 being the highest score.

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Awesome review!

Thanks Kaze Laughing out loud

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Good review. I bought it a couple of days ago, and I'm absolutely gagging to go through it! This review has made me even more excited!


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I just wanted to mention that the "lighting quality setting" folder mentioned in the lightmass tutorial movie no. 8 is not on the DVD.  Is it available for download somewhere?

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If you are having an issue dalewb, please create a support ticket and we will see what we can do to help.

Great review btw kaze! Smiling