High res Fountain review

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Just finished the DVD and it was great. I really liked that zbrush and mudbox was used to do the same things making it easy to see wich one falls to taste,kodus for taking the time and do it. The only thing that was abit hard to follow along was the "Scene Organization" helper, lots of objects in a very small window, but nothing that made any real consern.

One thing I would like to have known is that it would get alot easier after the first part (DVD1/2). Since there were some "long" clips in the first part while the second dvd went by like a rocket. Perhaps balance further coming tutorials up abit more. Part 1 felt heavy and long at times while part 2 was really nice with lots of short clips and stuff being finished. Anyway just being picky now. 

Really great Tutorial worth all its money. Hungry for more now Smiling



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Best non-character modeling training I've seen! The techniques translate well to other modeling apps.