Hard Surface Modeling Techniques

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I don't buy a lot of DVD's and I am between and newbie and intermediate ZB user.


-I think this a great video to have if you want to learn HSM. Mike does a good job of explaining how to get from A to Z with this design.

-The first couple of chapters go over how to set up your UI to be efficient. He goes over many of the tools that I did not know much about.

-He also walks you through how to make stamps and brushes. This info PLUS learning about how to use some of the trim and shape building tools are worth the price alone! (again, coming from an new/intermediate user)

-Please note that this DVD is a how to make your own mech. He does not go into how to DESIGN a mech. The design part is up to you.

- Lastly, he renders in Max, which I don't use. He does include the texture maps though.

- If you are thinking about getting this DVD, get it! Think about how much a class tuition would be at a university? Hope this helps someone else thinking about this DVD.



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-Good tutorial for HSM.

-For more general ZB4 knowledge chapters 02 through 06 are good.

-Wish it would have covered zspheres and adaptive skin in Concepting The Charcter (chapter 07).

-Masking, extracting, and clipping, the core of Hard Surface Modeling Techniques in ZB4, are driven home (repeatedly).

-GroupsLoops are also used considerably .

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hi guys do you think I'd be able to follow this tutorial using z brush 3.1?

Thanks ,Watchman.


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ya. its not THAT different. But i would still find a way to get 3.5 or 4.0.

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Im not so sure that this would be easy to follow in 3.1 as the clipping brushes were not included until ZB4.

ZBrush 4 is a free upgrade though, so you should be able to download the update from your account over at Pixologic Smiling

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Thanks guys,


I'll get zb4.


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Been considering picking this up, would love to get some hardcore info on HSM in Z4, and extra cuts time of poking around solo.

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Bought this the other night and I've been watching it over the last few days. Mike's done a really awesome job on keeping things concise yet explaining things in an efficient and understanding way, almost as if he can interpret a viewer's thought process. After demonstrating a technique he'll then go and explain common issues that may arise and how to fix them. It's really satisfying to learn the features and then also have the knowledge to work my way out of issues that may arise. 

I'm only about half way through so far but I've already got my money's worth Laughing out loud

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nice dvd and a must have.

Nevertheless, I would have appreciated a whole chapter about posing