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Hey guys,

I'm currently at uni studying game art/design and in one of my subjects we have an assignment to model, texture, basic rig and animate a character. So i thought, why not take it one step further and do a fully functional face rig. Well it seems no one in the faculty knows how to rig a face without using blend shapes (which you of course can't use in a game).

Enter Eat3D's Facial Rigging for Games tutorial.

It's amazing! I've only been modeling for about a year but i found it easy to follow and apply to my own mesh (There is a mesh provided but i had some time constraints so took a gamble in using it on my own mesh right from the start). The tutor is exceptionally thorough and it give great results. I can back that up by the fact i got a High Distinction for the rig .

So, once again, amazing work guys. If anyone out there needs to do an in game facial rig then i highly reccomend this tutorial.

Once I've finished animating it I'll throw a video up on you-tube and link it so you can check it out.


Cheers and Thanks

Ben Goodvach-Draffin



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 Thanks Ben!!!


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I would like a 3ds Max version of these tutorial.

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me too Smiling