CryEngine3 Dvds

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i know theres another review on this page but I thought i would just leave a quick one too.

These dvds are amazing, soooo much detail. The commentary is very clear and easy to undersand and a huge range of topics is covered. Basically everything you would need to know to create awesome scenes/levels with cry engine is covered in these tutorials. I have some basic knowledge of udk, but i really dont like using it. It seems to crash a lot and it is very particular about how things are done in the engine. In my opinion, CryEngine is far more user friendly and much easier to pick up as a beginner. Especially if you grab these dvds. I have just finished all three and cant wait to start a map of my own. I am completely 100 percent confident with this engine, thanks to these dvds, and i will have no problems making an awesome map. Seriously, 10s across the board

thanks eat3d for another awesome vid, cant wait to learning something else new

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Thanks for the review! Laughing out loud