Classical Sculpting - Anatomy and Figurative Art for Digital Sculptors

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Eat 3D DVD Review - Classical Sculpting - Anatomy and Figurative Art for Digital Sculptors

Review by Kane Forrester -

From the offset this DVD is packed with anatomical reason behind the choices made when creating the practical piece. This is incredibly useful for extending understanding of anatomy, a academic trait often sought in character artists as it allows an artist to make informed decisions when creating 3D art whether aiming for photorealistic or stylised.

The instructor speaks clearly and narrates the time-lapse well which allows the customer to understand what is happening on screen even though it is sped up. Some techniques used are not explained and are expect the customer to already know, however with a basic understanding of Mudbox or a little internet research, these shortcuts or techniques can be found and clearly explained either in the Mudbox help files or on tutorial sites; This however only applies to complete beginners to the software.

Whilst most of the work is done using basic Mudbox tools and brushes only hinting on some of Mudbox's other features such as stamps and masking this DVD's focus is clearly to improve an artist's anatomical knowledge whilst creating a project and thus the title of the DVD is not misleading.

The DVD breaks down the sections of the piece into easily to digest chunks with separate chapters for the head, torso, arms and legs.  The training ends with an explanation on how to achieve a good beauty render within Maya in order to present a figurative art piece in a portfolio effectively.

Overall, the instructor is knowledgeable and presents the training set well; Backed up by factual anatomical information this training set would be an asset in any digital sculptor or character artists library.

- Kane Forrester