High Poly Vehicle - Mrs Doublefire - Final

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Excellent result!

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Thanks for the tip Ceribral. Here are the HP color renders. I used a combination of Unsharp Mask and High Pass.

mdf_sweeper_hp720_01.jpg mdf_sweeper_hp720_02.jpg mdf_sweeper_hp_detail720_01.jpg mdf_sweeper_hp_detail720_02.jpg mdf_sweeper_hp_detail720_03.jpg
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Don't forget the 360 animation. This is amazing!!

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Fantastic work! Really amazing renders. 
I personally push more towards high pass because there are several tricks you can achieve other than just sharpening to really bring your render/texture/composition to life with just 1 high pass layer. 


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Finished! Smiling 34 hours to render that turntable. I was conservative with the frames not knowing how long it would take. I wish it was smoother. I might go back and make a more in depth animation some day but just glad to be done.

Thank you everyone who has been following this project and thank you for the kind words. I appreciate the tips, crits, and motivation from you all. This competition was fierce and it really drove my determination.

Thank you Eat 3D.

- Jason

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insane color renders......best thread so far in this challenge.... Smiling

good luck!

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Congrats on finishing!

34hrs! :O Thats crazy! How long per frame?

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Excellent work here. And the renders are awesome!

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How did you populate the brush with the bristles? Thats a whole bunch of geo Smiling

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Okay, lets try this again. I posted but it logged me out and I lost it.

Deep breath....Thanks everyone.

@Andy - 1  The color turntable frames averaged about 21 minutes each but I remember seeing a few in the 40 minute range. This pass took 27 hours and I did an AO pass at 7 hours. Vray doesn't have a free element for this. :(  The animation was cheaper at 720p with second bounce disabled. The stills were 1080p with a second bounce. I think those were around 70 minutes each with the extreme of 2hrs 41min for the one under the truck. The detail shots were all longer and that one had a second indirect illumination light on the suspension.

@Andy - 2  The first pass looks like a bunch of random hair. I learned from this and the second pass is the winner. The brush is divided into 5 island pads I did one and copied them around at 72 degrees. The bristles are in groups of 9 bunched at the top and randomly fanning at the bottom. I created them from lines in the vertical position with 4 sides and interpolation of 1. Attached them all in an edit poly where I deleted the top face and added control loops and scaling at the bottom. Positioned the group at the outer most corner of an island and snapped it's origin to the center of the brush disk. Rotate copy around 5 and sub object rotate them randomly like a nut so that the bristles are not all facing the same direction. Attach these and copy rotate until you have properly spaced groups past the end of the island. Delete what you don't need. Attach these and randomly control click bristle elements down the row to apply unique smoothing groups and material IDs. Detach each and hide so as not to re-select. That last part isn't totally necessary but I wanted randomly colored bristles. You don't have to do both smoothing groups and Material IDs but it makes a difference on the material/renderer you use. MentalRay uses smoothing groups and Vray uses Material IDs. Back to the creation. Once you have your variations you can un-hide all and attach. From here copy backward to make as many rows as look good. Rotate each row so that the bristle groups fill the gaps in the row in front. Delete and reposition/scale the groups/rows as you go back because the islands are radial and they taper as a result. Attach all and you have a complete island. Make 4 copies at 72 degrees as I said up top. Attach all of these to complete the brush. From here add a circular FFD to move the bristles out. I also soft selected end verts and differing powers for more variation. Add your Turbosmooth and you're done. *Note - When you add the Turbosmooth modifier make sure you check the appropriate boxes for materials or smoothing groups to maintain those differences when you add your material with sub object/sub tex colors. Are you awake? I think describing it took longer than making it. Especially since I wrote it twice! Eye-wink

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Awesome work, awesome details!
Very nice renderings, great job

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Nicely done! Dang those are some crazy render times.

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Awesome! thanks for the info Smiling

Congrats on finishing, too Laughing out loud

Good luck!

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Thanks everyone who has followed this thread and given crits and compliments. Thank you judges, and thank you Eat 3D. Can't wait to get my learn on!  Eventually, I think I might turn this into a post apocalyptic tenement on wheels. Road Warrior like. I have some ideas on it rolling around.

Thanks again,