High Poly Vehicle - Helder Pinto - Final

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Thanks Andy! Smiling

So here's the turntable (I apologize for the horrible render, it's shoppy, short, low res, etc; but I have never done this before)


And the wires! Smiling

progress4__0000_layer_8.jpg progress4__0001_layer_7.jpg progress4__0002_layer_6.jpg progress4__0003_layer_5.jpg progress4__0004_layer_4.jpg progress4__0005_layer_3.jpg progress4__0006_layer_2.jpg progress4__0007_layer_1.jpg progress4__0008_layer_0.jpg

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Truly impressive work! Superb details!Stunning!

Very good modeling nice and clean !

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Congrats on finishing Laughing out loud

Good luck!

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Awesome!!!.... I am Seriously inspired from ur work.....

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Cheers guys, you're awesome!

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hey dude - I forgot to say congrats on this , and your tute video - I got too busy with C1C to finish my entry. We have to get you guys in FFT involved in the UK's friday lunchtime speed modelling - i'll mail you in the week. Chris Smiling


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Hey Chris! 


aye man, thanks a lot, means a lot coming from you mate! You guys do speed modeling? That's awesome, mail me, can't wait to kick your ass! xD

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hey man, that is pretty amazing! keep up the great work

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best i've seen to date . would so love to pay for this design and get it built !