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I'm going to throw my hat in the ring as well. I narrowed my choices down to a handful and decided to go with something I know I can finish all of the way. Once done I'll go from there to see if I have time to do any of the other ones (there's just so many cool concepts out there). I didn't want to get caught up in concepting and decided to search out actual concept art as if this were a real world assignment. I'm going with the Grackle motorbike. I have not been able to find the concept artists name yet but I will keep my eyes out for it.


Grackle (Halo Universe)

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Good luck Smiling

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Sick bike design Smiling
Can't wait to see this thing being modeled!


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Just a quick reminder about the process for your final submission Smiling

Please ensure that your final submission has everything that is required for entry, edited into your first post (beauty shot's and turntables etc.)

  • You must provide an unsmoothed wireframe beauty shot of the finished model, from multiple angles.
  • You must submit at least 1 final beauty shot that is at least 1280x720.
  • You must submit at least 1 turnaround movie of the vehicle created in any application of your choice.
  • Post your final image on the first post in your thread using our "File Attachments" system.
  • Upload your video turnaround to a popular video sharing site (Youtube, Vimeo, etc) and post the link/embed in the first post of your thread in the " Video Link" field.


Also please make sure that you edit the title of your thread to have - Final at the end.

e.g. High Poly Vehicle - metalliandy - Final

Thanks and good luck! Smiling